Rent a scooter at Bilforum

Only 900 kr. pr. month


Are you looking to become courier at Wolt, Waiteer, JustEast,, Hungry, Zliide or one of the other delivery services?

We can help you get from adress to adress easy, quickly and safe. All you need to do is rent a scooter from us.
The price starts at 900 Dkk pr. month and is included liability insurance, free kilometers and only new scooters.
Deposit for renting is only 1000 Dkk.

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30 km/t Electric scooter – 900 Dkk / Month

Rental of helmet – 50 Dkk /month
– You are welcome to use your own. However if needed you can rent from us.
Extra battery for double distance – 300 Dkk / Month

Breakdown service – 100 Dkk / month 

– Free replacement scooter during breakdown. 
– Free pickup and delivery of replacement scooter (Only in Aalborg) 
– Breakdown service available from 8.00 to 24.00 (Only in Aalborg) 

Extra insurance – 450 Dkk /month
– Theft coverage
– Damage on vehicle coverage
– Vandalism coverage

Product information 

  • Range 50-70 Km on a full battery 
  • Color – White 
  • Weight – 51 kg 
  • Max weight – 120 Kg 
  • Power consumption – 1,2 kWh pr. 100 Km 
  • Speed – 30 Km/h 
  • Hydraulic front fork, rear axle with 2 shock absorbers 
  • Digital speedometer 
  • Alarm

Why should i rent instead of buy?

No service and repairs
The price for a new scooter is roughly 15.000 kr meaning you could buy one yourself and pay it of in 17 months.
But you also need to pay insurance, then it will take you 19 months to pay for it. 
In these 19 months you a liable for any reperations and service that comes. When you rent it’s included.

Secure you income
What does it cost you if your scooter breaks down during delivery?
Say you make 150 kr pr. hour. and you plan to work 7 hours one friday, during the first hour you break down. 
Thats 1.050 kr you dont get that day and you still need to repair your scooter.

What if you become wolt partner for 2 months and decide it’s not for you?
When you rent you have the current month plus the next month in termination period, so you can quickly get out of the rent again.
If you find another courier to take over, you can end it right away for a small “new contract” fee of 300 kr.

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